My name is Jen. As a child I’ve always liked doing things and making things and enjoyed art and textiles at school. My grandma tried to teach me to knit without success and I also did some very basic cross stitch after receiving a kit for Christmas.

I learnt to crochet around 2011 and instantly became hooked! D’s mum and you tube taught me the basics and from there my interst in crafts got bigger and bigger. When one of my BFF’s found out she was having a baby I decided I wanted to make her a quilt and I rediscovered my love for sewing. Since then I have tried doing free  hand embroidery which I really enjoyed and would love to explore more. I’ve had a go at needle felting (very therapeutic) and have found I really enjoy doing cross stitch and have tried my hand at embroidery, something which I hope to improve on.

I have sold things at craft fairs over the years but time is not on my side for this at the moment and I am not selling my makes at craft fairs. I do add items onto Etsy from time to time and hope to add more in 2017 and build my stock up again. My shops are:

The Eclectic Stitch – where I sell my main items

Baby Goes Eclectic –  where you can find all the baby items I make

Originally I decided to set up this blog to write about what I make and I am now looking at expanding this into making it more a craft and lifestyle blog and write more about my interests and experiences.

I hope you enjoy reading them and I look forward to hearing your comments.



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