Ta-dah post – Captain America Blanket

So it’s January, and not just early January, but mid January… how did that happen?!

I’ve not been doing a lot of crafting except for the captain America blanket, which is why the blog has been so quiet. But, it is finally finished!

It’s been a long time coming and I have learnt that I really like doing corner to corner, but having so many balls of yarn on the go meant things got messy and knotty quite regularly, leading to quite a few ends!

I am so pleased with how good it looks now that it is finished, at times I felt like it would never be done.

I used stylecraft yarn in matador, royal blue and white. I think the colours are perfect and reflect Captain America, they’d also be good for Spider-Man.

Here is the finished blanket in all its glory!

The photo doesn’t really show the scale of it, but it comes up to my shoulders, so should last my nephew a long time (providing he still loves Captain America)

I’ve already started my next project! More on that another time!

What have you all been making?

3 thoughts on “Ta-dah post – Captain America Blanket

  1. This is awesome! For the yarn, have you tried to make mini bobbins wrapped around pegs? It work really well for c2c to prevent your colours from tangling 😉


    1. I’ve not tried that. Will have to remember it for next time, thanks! (Even if it means more ends to sew in!) I did try sticking all the balls into a washing basket that had holes in and fed the balls through but they all got tangled in the basket instead! Doh!

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      1. Yes there are quite a few ends but I find I manage to hide them in while I’m doing the graph work so that I don’t have to sew them in 😅


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