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Yarning along 17th may

In an effort to start blogging more regularly I’m joining in with The Little Room of Rachell’s yarning along

this week I have been doing some of my Captain America blanket which I am making for my nephew. I don’t think I have shared a photo of this on the blog before..

This was taken back in February and I’ve been doing little bits in between craft swaps. 

 C2C crochet is not my favourite thing to do, especially when you live with two cats with all those balls of yarn rolling around ! I can’t help but get everything all tangled and trying to take a picture around Pia tonight was near on impossible as she’s having a mad 10 minutes! 

I’m nearly half way on the blanket, it’s the first c2c I’ve done so I’ve not tried to decrease before but I’m sure I can work it out. 

Apologies for the shoddy photos. The last was taken with Pia in my arms in an attempt to take one without her in it and trying to eat it! 

Life is never dull with cats! 

I’m currently reading a couple of books but I’m mainly reading the shining at the moment and rediscovering my love for Stephen King. 

Im really enjoying it, and although I have seen the film (which is amazing) I know the book is just as good if not better. 

If you’re taking part in yarning along I would love to know and why not go back to Rachell’s post and leave a link to your post so that others can see it too. 


3 thoughts on “Yarning along 17th may

    1. Thanks. I’m aiming to try and do some every couple of days, so hopefully I’ll get it done sooner rather than later.

      I think in the last one she’s actually trying to have a bit of a chew as I kept having to pull her away to stop her and then she’d pounce back. Now it’s away she’s decided to go out. Typical! Haha!

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