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2016 roundup

2016 has been a bit quieter for my crafting. I didn’t do any craft fairs (bar a charity one) and I closed the shop temporarily too. I have mainly been working on one or two larger projects in 2016 and I felt that I couldn’t keep posting about the same project all the time (there’s only so many times you can write “I’ve added more squares”) 

But although the blog has been quiet, I have been active on instagram. 

But 2016 saw me take part in a couple of swaps and complete some projects that I had been doing for some time. 

So here’s a visual round up of 2016 (I changed phones in June so really it’s the last 6 months.. as I’m writing this from my phone)

As you can see I’ve been mainly cross stitching and crocheting. I do like the portability of cross stitch and I know d does as it takes up less space in the house! 

You might have also noticed that the storm trooper blanket is completed too (blog post about that coming soon) 

Fingers crossed 2017 brings more crafting to my life! 

What were your best makes of 2016? I would love to know. 


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