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August Bank Holiday

Well Monday evening is upon us. I hope you have had all had a lovely bank holiday weekend if you are in the U.K. 

This weekend has been all about food for me! I have made cheese scones, using a Paul Hollywood recipe in his book of bread book. It used eggs and strong flour, which I haven’t used in scones before. They’ve gone quite dark, but I’m putting that down to the egg glaze. It was also very sticky to work with. 

I also made a Coca Cola cake, which is my go to recipie when it comes to cakes. This one fell apart on me but it tastes good so I don’t mind! I got the recipe years ago from a website called cooking for girls as I was looking for easy young people friendly recipes for work and came across this when googling Coca Cola cake. I love it and it makes a nice rich chocolate cake. 

And I also made some plum jam, using a bbc good food recipe. I made some gooseberry jam last week but I over cooked it and it set really hard. I have a jam thermometer now as well (thanks mum) so I think that helped. 

Me and D have started watching stranger things this weekend and are completely hooked. We watched four episodes back to back and could easily have watched more of it hasn’t been so late! 

It’s been a really nice weekend full of food, family and good TV. 


One thought on “August Bank Holiday

  1. The Coca Cola cake looks pretty interesting 🙂 my husband doesn’t like drinking it because he doesn’t like carbonated drinks but I’m sure he would enjoy that!


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