crochet · cross stitch · WIP wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Well time seems to be getting away from me again at the moment. But although I haven’t had the time to write a blog post I have managed to do a bit of crafting which is always good. 

First up as you can imagine is my storm trooper blanket. I’ve not made a huge amount of progress to be honest, but I’m keeping at it as I really want to get it finished and start something else! Haha! 

So it’s starting to look like a storm trooper now exhibit is great! I’m over half way so I keep telling myself the end is in sight and it’s a good project for when I don’t want to think too much about what I’m doing.
Next up is an old project, which some of you may remember. My home sweet home cross stitch. The pattern is by stitchrovia. I’ve made some real progress this week and I’m really pleased with how it is looking.

How are all your WIPs going? I would love to see them! 


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