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Chilli and pasta

I’ve had a break from crafting over the last couple of days as I have been giving my hands a break although they will be busy again in no time as I have another craft fair to prepare for in Frome on Sunday!

Today I’ve done a bit of cooking so thought I would share what I’ve been making as I love food and reading what other people have made!

For my lunch I made a mass batch of vegetarian chilli which I made up as I went along, I love chilli but I am a sucker for the packs of spices you get from old El Paso! So today I thought I’d make my own spice mix. I used:

400g of quorn mince

400g tinned tomatoes

400g of haricot beans

200g of sweetcorn

Dried chopped garlic from sainsburys (I used about a teaspoon)

Dried chilli flakes (I used about two teaspoons)

Nandos spice mix (which I love on everything!!! And used about 3 teaspoons)

Then I just fried the mince and added the beans and spices. And I have to say it tasted really good! I like my chilli spicy to the point where it makes your nose run but not so spicy you can’t eat it and this was just about right for me. This would serve about 4 people.

I also made one of my favourite teas tonight using:

Three handfuls of brown pasta

1 vine tomato

1/2 an orange pepper

1/2 a medium sized courgette

1/4 a jar of rocket pesto

Cook the pasta then add in the veg and pesto and stir and serve. Simple, easy and quick!

I am loving some of the new pesto flavours that are coming out at the moment! The garlic one is next on my list!!

Hope you are all having a good Wednesday!

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