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First ever craft fair

This Sunday I have my first ever craft fair trading as the eclectic stitch!! I am so excited and have been spending the last few weeks trying to get a decent amount of stock together so that I have a nice range to sell. The craft fair is part of Frome’s supermarket which happens on the first Sunday of the month. I’m really excited and also rather nervous and hope that people like the things I have made!

Today I have been frantically dying some wool and now have 14 skeins. The last few posts you will have seen are some of the other stock that I have together and I’m slowing getting a sizeable amount but I am worried I don’t have enough! I’m planing on having a look book of blankets and quilts for people to look through so that they can order their own with their preferred colour choice etc.

I ordered some more hoopla yarn to make up some baskets with and I have now received my lily sugar and cream yarn from the USA as well, so I am looking forward to making some nice bright items with that!

I’ve also managed to gets fair bit of reading done over the last few weeks and have been reading the watchers trilogy by Karice Bolton. If you like books about angels and demons etc then I recommend these. The characters a likeable and although the books are a bit predictable I still find that they are addictive and there are a few unexpected twists and turns. I’ve found myself staying up till 2am so that I can carry in reading which is always a good sign. I also finally got around to starting the shining girls by Lauren Beukes and I’m pretty impressed with what I have read so far! I often have two or three books on the go at any one time and I am also reading 5 ways to kill a man by Alex Grey which is a crime novel seton Scotland and also a very good read. I will be looking out for more books by this author. The other book I’m reading at the moment is the retribution by Val McDermid which is part of the tony hill series. I loved watching wire in the blood when I was younger and the books are so much better! I met her at a book signing in Trowbridge once after she gave a talk and she was really good. She was with another great crime writer Mark Billingham.

I’d love to write my own crime novel one day and have a couple of ideas for what I want my story to be. D seems to think they are good as well, so who knows one day you might see my book on the shelf at tescos! Lol!

Well I think that’s enough of my rambling a for now!



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