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The weekends almost over already :(

So it’s Sunday evening already… where has the time gone?! this weekend seems to be making a rapid exit..

So what have been up to since the last post? Not an awful lot other than work! I haven’t done any crochet until today so I was getting some serious withdrawals!! he-he! Me and D did decide to go to Ikea yesterday which given it was a Saturday, we were slightly mad! I think as the weather was so nice it meant it was relatively quiet. We spent far too much money, but I did buy a very nice and very pink chair for the garden which will be perfect for lazing on especially if the weather stays like this (it has been lovely and warm, I hope you have all had lovely weather as well)

We also bought a new front door mat as ours has slowly been falling apart so it was time to replace it!

I’ve also managed to catch up on some reading this week, and have read the Hunger Games. I have almost completed the second one, called Catching Fire. I recommend these books to anyone, it’s like Battle Royale but as it’s aimed at teenagers there’s a love story in there too. I’ve been reading them on my kindle which I think is quite possibly one of the best things I have ever bought if I am honest, I absolutely love it. I was always a bit dubious about buying one, as I like having a book in my hands and turning the pages and I still don’t think anything can beat that feeling when it comes to reading, but one of the best things about the kindle is that it’s so easy to take anywhere and fits in most of my bags.

Today has been somewhat of a lazy day which means I have had time to catch up on all the telly I have been missing as well as do a spot of crochet. I realised that I have to make two baby blankets and a bag by mid may so I have a lot to be getting on with! Today I started my friends birthday present which is a bag, I originally planned to make it for her fro Christmas but time ran out so I decided to save it for her birthday instead.

I got the pattern from the lovely Lucy over at Attic 24 and it’s such a lovely pattern! I am making it out of chunky wool and a 6mm hook for it. I also need to make a lining for it at some point as well so I need to get my sewing machine serviced ASAP as I haven’t used it in so long! I’m looking forward to getting it done now so I can see what it turns out like!!

I hope you have all had a lovely sunny and relaxing weekend, I’m off to eat some Dominos pizza. YUM!!!!


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